About us

About us

Our Mission

The First Impressions┬« line captures the essence of what is most important to people - love and relationships. These pieces are tangible reminders of the touch of someone that you want to have close to you forever.

The pieces that we produce are a celebration of life. Whether worn by a new mom, by a spouse of a distant soldier, in support of a person who is battling a life threatening illness, or in memory of someone who has passed, they simply reflect the notion, "I need you to be with me - always."

It is our pleasure to partner with other exceptional organizations who believe in helping others who are in need. Our current partnerships provide comfort to mother's who have suffered a loss during their pregnancies by producing and donating First Impressions pieces with infants hand, foot or fingerprints. These pieces become an everlasting memory of a child. Thanks to our partners for believing in us and what we do!

As our business continues to grow we are committed to broadening the scope of our philanthropic efforts.

About Jake Fuhrman

 When I  was finishing art school my mom asked me what I was going to do to be successful. I replied, "If I make jewelry that really matters to people, then I would be successful."

I believe that if you master your materials, master the use of your tools, and keep the customers best interest at the highest level of importance, then more clients will come.

If you work harder than others and you do not compromise on quality, then you will distance yourself from the competition.

If you have the ability to make people feel better, then it's your responsibility to do so.

Jake Fuhrman

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Cluse La Boheme Rose Gold

$60.00 $45.00-25%

Color: Green

  • Green
  • Grey
  • Blue

Size: XS

  • XS
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  • M
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